Frequently Asked Questions

A broker is an individual person who arranges transactions between a buyer and a seller for a commission when the deal is executed, On this platform, A broker is someone that monitors, provide feedbacks to the Investor.
You can become a valid investor by registering a New Account through this link and selecting the Investment Plan that suit you.

Our System is very secured and all Members information is 100% protected.

Once the maturity date of your investment is reached, You will get your 40% increase on your Investment as stipulated on the Investment Plan selected by you.

At the initial stage of registering your account, You will be prompted to select a Broker who in turn help you to monitor your investment, Payments and gives you feedbacks on all matters relating to your Investments.

Based on the rule setup by the Management, Multiple accounts are not allowed in the system.

All Brokers on this platform are 100% reliable and professional, The Brokers are hired by the Management of Binary Trading Limited, The investors have the freedom to report any brokers to the management and the neccessary steps will be taken to resolve the issue.

All Investors will need to make payment based on the Investment Plan selected by the Investor through their Broker, and once the payment have been received, the Payment details will reflect in their dashboard

Yes the system support re-investing once the Investor have received the 40% increment on their previous Investment on the maturity date of the investment, The investor cannot initiate a new investment until the previous pending investment have been cleared.

Yes, Switching to a different Investment Plan in the longrun can only be possible if their is no pending payment on the previous Investment Plan selected by the Investor.